Available for shooting:
Hair color:
0.01 meters (ca. 0′0″)

I am very happy to have found slave Tuck Tuck, even if she is not that obedient, but rather a challenge.

Not so obedient is actually not true, she is obedient but doesn't do everything I like and want and she complains because I hit her on the ass ... no matter what: hands, whip, cane, even a thin leather collar . Pulled over her bum once and she bounces queer through bed or the apartment. Yes, she hits her head on the wall or knees against the solid wood bed, but none of that hurts as much as the little harmless pat on the buttocks. Sure, bad lord!

So, she is not disobedient but she still has a lot to learn and I hope that she is ready.

We may see and observe it here with a little luck ...

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