Available for shooting:
Hair color:
60 kg
1.66 meters (ca. 5′5″)
Size of dress:
36 (according to EU standard)
Size of shoes:
39 (according to EU standard)
Size of bra:

Slave Pissnelke - the squirting mouse with the most splashing pleasure ever!

It's crazy ... But I've never seen such a hot squirting mouse and I've never been so wet as she was. From dry to WET in 8 seconds and it never becomes empty, even after hours of session, it is as splashy as at the beginning.


Photos and videos will go online in January 2021.


I've already pierced her sweet nipples and she was the first slave to piss her new master in the mouth. She is trained as a 3-hole mare, fisting piece and swallowing slut. She wears a plug day and night, even if it's small, but she pleases me all day that when the news gets worse I just think about it or tell her to send me a photo of her cute plug -Ass.

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