We show real SM so no BDSM or because you have promised or because something has gone wrong ..... simply re-shot so simply the scene repeated until it was banned on video perfectly.


No there is not at extrem-SM.com and also not

EGO Torture Media ....


We stand by: ... real sessions - no actors - no fakes




To us are normal women and men who want to experience their SM and not what we say ... just have to make. With us the women - men or even couples live their SM and their inclination and that is particularly difficult to film.




As you can imagine, there is no screenplay and no schedule.

But a beginning. Just an idea and the inclination that wants to be lived out.

This makes it especially difficult to create complete films but MP almost always

manages to get it in his inimitable way.


Meanwhile, this way is very often copied but there is only

An original


EGO Tortur Media

And MP film

Are extreme-SM.com




We will never abandon real-life BDSM.

We do not show the actors .... like other film companies,


To us the women - men or couples come first.

Everyone who is shown and has been shown here has never been seen before.

We do not buy actors !!!


We film exclusively with real BDSMlern - with real tilt and no performers.