10 Januar neue Squirting-Videos und Hammer Nylon Fotos mit meiner neuen Sklavin gemacht.  

Yesterday again visited my slave and made horny clips. Horny squirting videos - I have neatly let the cane dance on her tits - ass and pussy and showed her that she is a little maso pissing cock that has pissed me again naughty in the mouth. 

I have learned to love through her foot fetish nylon fetish and often go on her little horny fully pissed nylon fuck feet and sniff - let me caress and enjoy her horny feet in my face....

She comes to orgasm by slapping - nipple squeezing and cane...

Her rosette I took very hard and fucked properly with anal snake and her plug...


All in all we had a nice evening and her body is beautifully drawn by the cane. 

Just the way I like it ... have patience soon come the first photos and videos of her online...

By the way there is even a real chat book of her, so from the first message until her new unknown master with cane stood in front of her door.

By the way, my slave still does not know how her master looks like and you can read it how to meet a submissive woman, even in Corona times.

Original Whatsapp chat from the first to the one where her new master rings her doorbell. Maybe not interesting for everyone but within a few days woman to make clear to be whipped by an unknown man ... maybe yes... Link to the book




Bondage art for your playroom and in fact only a single image file is offered for sale here 0
Bondage art for your playroom and in fact only a single image file is offered for sale here 1
Bondage art for your playroom and in fact only a single image file is offered for sale here 2

I would like to say something about the special features of this photo, which can certainly brighten up a private BDSM room on photo paper. You can use the photo at your photo service provider for private purposes in order to create a print on photo paper. However, it may not be resold and the printed matter may not be resold either. It is not a photo that serves to satisfy your desire, but rather is intended to spruce up your playroom. You can use this picture to create a printout that you would like to have. Only the JPEG photo and not a finished product made on photo paper is offered here. It went through a great many editing steps to look like this. It was respected for art - kind or just personal craziness and I like it that way and pixel peeping was not the main focus. I even had posters printed out with such heavily edited photos, 1 meter wide by 1.50 meters high, and was thrilled. Of course, the photo looked different than that of my fine art supplier on small fine photo paper, which was even more expensive than the large poster with shipping. But that was even more valuable to me because the inexpensive poster provider sent me the poster surprisingly different but good. You can also design private postcards. A commercial use is excluded or a resale of any products with this picture.

It is one of my favorite photos from this session and I also wanted to take special photos and I would recommend you to order it in any case on matt photo paper and maybe not necessarily in giant XXL poster size The image file 4000 x 6000, usually has over 20 MB but there are also smaller image files. I would also recommend that you have an inexpensive small test print made in advance. I myself hadn't experienced any disappointments so far (apart from these canvas prints, I didn't really like them so far, but a model is totally enthusiastic about her canvas photo and has sent me a cell phone photo, it's hanging on the dining table in the kitchen) but I may only have one compact taste.

Other special features: The photo was taken with a manual 12mm lens and no, it's not a samyang, which everyone uses. The room was very dark and that alone already gives an idea that there can be no pixel peeping, which is also not wanted with the preset used, some of which I created.

Some image files have been processed up to 8 times and I cannot repeat these steps to get such a photo again. There are actually random products, because I was in a playful mood and experimented and at some point I saw after rendering that there were some of these great photos. They looked different than what I saw before on my monitor. Whether my notebook rendered it over several days and uploaded photos at the same time so that the slave can see each one, was it overloaded and was to blame for the sudden unexpectedly cool photos? I haven't had something like that before, that I get something that I didn't expect and that I couldn't reproduce some of them. I would have liked to have worked on some of them that were recorded with my other camera and were not yet on my notebook, but no chance.

Which is a shame and even saved as a preset, it didn't come out the same with the same photo. I don't know why some photos have a vignette and the next one, although it was almost identical, because I didn't insert any and it's not classic step by step but somehow it seems that some presets remain in the picture, although I then choose someone else decided but the last three steps probably always stuck something from the old preset and then there was this creation ... I got the same photo out as if I had drawn it with a pencil and another looks a bit like old cheap ones Oil ham covered with the golden frame. Most of them came out as normal as I intended, but I also experienced small photo miracles

Important information. So I cannot and will not guarantee that you will like the result on photo paper from your photo service provider or that the size you would like to have is possible with this image file. I have not yet had it printed out on structured high-quality photo paper and no, not even one of the entire series, in other styles. Not even on my own photo printers. I wouldn't have it printed out in glossy or canvas now, but there are other people who might even like it better. I am only offering this art picture, which you can have your provider print out for your BDSM room or playroom. Everyone will send you a different result and

everyone has their favorites and favorite company. I'm not saying that a cheap photo service provider only offers crap, but can please you just as much but will give you a different picture than a provider who specializes in museum or high-end print products. The photo should please you and I hope it does. But there are sometimes very difficult photos, but you don't necessarily like them. In the past I have taken quite a few photos where people said I don't like that and in a picture frame on the wall on great photo paper, they thought it was awesome. Unfortunately, I cannot give you a recommendation in which photo size you should order it or which paper you should use or even which provider you should have it done. Because everyone has their own preferences.

Please remember: "It's art - my art - a BDSM-art image file in Jpeg and not a finished photo in a picture frame to hang on the wall", you don't have to like art but can and I'm not angry if you don't like it at all . Art cannot do that, even if it is art to make the same thing palatable to everyone. But photos - you don't have to like pictures of Monet or Picasso either. But some like it and that's why they are so expensive and I like this photo. Maybe someone can use it and doesn't have to hang some mass-produced goods from the hardware store on their wall, but can use it to create any product that delights them. You may even find it unnecessary that I offer such image files here.

Unfortunately I can only offer what I've done and as I like it and I can only hope that you like it.