10 Januar neue Squirting-Videos und Hammer Nylon Fotos mit meiner neuen Sklavin gemacht.  

Yesterday again visited my slave and made horny clips. Horny squirting videos - I have neatly let the cane dance on her tits - ass and pussy and showed her that she is a little maso pissing cock that has pissed me again naughty in the mouth. 

I have learned to love through her foot fetish nylon fetish and often go on her little horny fully pissed nylon fuck feet and sniff - let me caress and enjoy her horny feet in my face....

She comes to orgasm by slapping - nipple squeezing and cane...

Her rosette I took very hard and fucked properly with anal snake and her plug...


All in all we had a nice evening and her body is beautifully drawn by the cane. 

Just the way I like it ... have patience soon come the first photos and videos of her online...

By the way there is even a real chat book of her, so from the first message until her new unknown master with cane stood in front of her door.

By the way, my slave still does not know how her master looks like and you can read it how to meet a submissive woman, even in Corona times.

Original Whatsapp chat from the first to the one where her new master rings her doorbell. Maybe not interesting for everyone but within a few days woman to make clear to be whipped by an unknown man ... maybe yes... Link to the book




The last orgasm Ride on the Monster Dildo Part 9 - Full HD - orig. Sound - close-up 1
The last orgasm Ride on the Monster Dildo Part 9 - Full HD - orig. Sound - close-up 2



Oh my god what a horny orgasm ride on the giant monster dildo

What a horny pussies hole, really what this little cunt can take away is just amazing ...


And the little horny cunt is really horny and horny really comes to her last orgasm and you can see the horny ride in full close-up.


Please note this scene is from our latest movie "The Little Squirty Fistmaus Giving Rule" so whoever has the long movie does not need to buy this part

Full HD - original sound - and as always ... real session - no actors - no fakes