Slave Tuck Tuck pisses on you - POV - close-up FULL HD 1
Slave Tuck Tuck pisses on you - POV - close-up FULL HD 2

Close up - POV

Well, for my slave Tuck Tuck, as a beginner, it is not understandable that a man likes to be pissed off by her but she is still obedient and presents her horny cunt hole and pisses and pisses and pisses off. I also made her stop for a long time and so a nice long piss clip came about. Enjoy the hot piss hole

For the 2nd meeting she is already not quite neat and very obedient (as a beginner) ... only we still have to work on her list of inclinations and turn off some no-gos. Bring her on the taste but she's quite stubborn.

How hard do you think it was to get her to piss off in front of the camera ...?

Has been a taboo ... and you see, the little pig pisses like a professional in front of the camera and on the camera.

Of course, I still have to approach it carefully, but can I do that too? We will see if there will be another 3 meeting.

Be there and cheer or the master will manage to tame his little slave Tuck Tuck.

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March 14, 2021 07:44 AndreasDomBi Was für eine herrliche Pissfotze!!!
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