Our DVD to watch as long movie - Lady  Aschi and the Welpensau - in foil hung -  1
Our DVD to watch as long movie - Lady  Aschi and the Welpensau - in foil hung -  2

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Action from the movie "Lady  Aschi and the Welpensau - in foil hung "

2 meters tall and 140 kilograms want to be tamed . This massive guy and the little mistress Ashi , it can completely hide behind it but what does it do? She wrapped him in cling film and pulls him up and up and playing with him. Light as a feather she turns him with a finger and wrapped him around this and robs him of the breath in the truest sense of the word ..... Breath control - candle wax and of course the whip, and for the friends of the sweaty close there is the saran wrap . An experience not only for the slaves of the ground under their feet loses .

Here not just senseless SM and SM is shown practices , but also a beautiful story , so that women can find like about it because mistress Aschi Movies have always been an issue and is told really nice .

That's the special thing about Mistress Aschi films ... which is not shown here , just some trouble with the swatter or pointless cut with the whip , no mistress Aschi always tells a different story , while SM is practiced and indeed the finest and always a real session as a slave wished that.

The particular there are of course only true Sessions filmed without therefore also be seen to disturb them while ( slip of the tongue or anything that can happen with such a genuine session are , of course , it is therefore not the scene repeated 10 times - . , Only that it comes across better ) and only with real SMern . NO actor and of course no fakes .

EGO Torture Media is anything but played only presents a
Master Whip movie
from the series of the common hours
EGO Torture Media
Order Number MP028
Production year 2013
mistress Aschi
and as a special guest
Director - Script - idea
Master whip