As a film to download our DVD - Master whip and the disobedient slave girl slippers 1
As a film to download our DVD - Master whip and the disobedient slave girl slippers 2

As a film to download our DVD

Action from the movie " Master and whip the disobedient slave girl slippers "
The slave is to be actually designed as a setback slave for a customer and leather ballet slippers wear but they prefer sniffing in the just newly entered high heels boxes around. Try to everyone and speaks disparagingly of their master that will not do well long and it is caught. The punishment follows on the foot she feels like her tits slowly through the chain up and up ......... here flowing tears and the real fear comes despite the insolence through again and again.Here not just senseless SM and SM is shown practices , but also a beautiful story , so that women can find like about it , because even masters whip Movies have always been an issue and is told really nice . That's the special thing about his films ... that here not just little trouble with the swatter or pointless cut with the whip is shown , no Master always tells a different story , while SM is practiced and indeed the finest and always a real session as a master himself could wish .

The particular there are of course only true Sessions filmed without therefore also be seen to disturb them while ( slip of the tongue or anything that can happen with such a genuine session are , of course , it is therefore not the scene repeated 10 times - . , Only that it comes across better ) and only with real SMern . NO actor and of course no fakes .

EGO Torture Media is anything but played only presents a
Master Whip movie
from the series of the common hours
EGO Torture Media
Order Number MP030
Production year 2013
Master whip
and as a special guest
slave ashtray
Director - Script - idea
Master whip

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February 05, 2014 03:53 1. - Hardcore BDSM Film by EGO Torture Media - echte Sessions - keine Schauspieler - no Fakes geil einfach geil
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